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Our Mission

Our goal is to help you get your project completed under budget and on time!

What can the Southwest Georgia Film Commission Director mean for Southwest Georgia’s 14-county region? (Being a member of the 21st Century artistic economic culture)

What are the objectives of the Film Commission Director?

The foundational objectives of the Southwest Georgia Film Commission Director are…

  • Attract the entertainment industry (film, television, music, documentaries, video, television, commercials, etc).
  • Identify and market the region’s attractions. Negotiate the best contractual deals for the region, vis-à-vis, entertainment production. Create jobs. Develop and create financing and regional incentives. Develop career opportunities in all aspects of the show business industry.

What is the Southwest Georgia’s Film Commission Director’s mandate?

To present and offer to the film, television, commercial, and music industry Southwest Georgia’s marketable resources and regional location sites and to create a sustainable, viable, and 100% cooperative relationship between the entertainment industry and the Southwest Georgia region.

What are the goals of the Southwest Georgia Film Commission Director?

  • Continue to raise capital that will educate, empower, and inspire the regional population to build a new regional economy by diversifying and offering their resources to a lucrative, clean industry (i.e. entertainment).
  • To empower a new mind set of artistic and social inclusiveness through the support of the arts that will develop and create better jobs, homes, health care, cultural pride, race relations, education, and the opportunity to be a part of the 21st Century artistic economic culture.
  • To create an investment community in Southwest Georgia inspiring local and regional investors---bankers and entrepreneurs--- all with one objective financing low-budget movie projects.




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